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What I Learned Yesterday 2

  • The BTSTask application that I spoke about yesterday really seems to get the job done quickly for me.  How it took me this long to actually spend some time with it is puzzling.  I really like it!  The biggest challenge in using it is that it is a command-line tool, so using it within Visual Studio is not something I am really skilled at just yet, so I am trying to make it a stand-alone tool for myself. 
  • When the Pre and Post ProcessingScripts for BizTalk Deployments execute are somewhat puzzling to me.  Not that it is that hard to understand the concept of a Pre or Post script on installation so much as it is when they run and what will be in place for me to utilize.  I have a few batch files I want to execute, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get them to execute from my custom script.  I suppose I could put them into the script, but that is not as flexible for me.  More on this to come…
  • I think that the ugliest trophy in all of college football (and maybe sports for that matter) is the Fiesta Bowl trophy.  I am not sure who designed it or what they were thinking, but what ever happened to a nice solid gold bowl of tostito’s corn chips? Tonite it is the Orange Bowl who’s trophy with oranges and without looks atleast tolerable…

January 3, 2008 - Posted by | BizTalk, What I Learned Yesterday

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