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What I Learned Yesterday 3

  • I have never really spent any time trying to figure out the trusted vs. untrusted host concept in BizTalk.  Then finally the other day I was moving an application from my virtual machine to one that a client of mine was using.  In the process when trying to apply the binding file, my hosts were all marked as trusted, while his hosts were not marked as trusted.  Just to make sure we were not getting into something that would create a problem I did a little research and found this great article by Richard Seroter about when the “trusted” flag comes into play.  It appears it plays an important role when you want to pass through the credentials of the calling application/user to the destination system.
  • Been spending a lot of time with SharePoint recently mostly on the integration side in pushing documents to SharePoint using the BizTalk SharePoint services adapter.  But I also had a need to delete some files, create directories and sub directories within Document Libraries.  All of the things that I cannot easily do with the SharePoint Adapter.  Or if I can, it is not easily figured out. So I am using the WSS Web Servicesto do all of the things that the Adapter does allow me to do.  Doing a search on “sharepoint services web services” brings up a whole host of articles people have written in the past, so I won’t go into it.  The really interesting thing about these are how you can tell their age from the signatures.  Rather than having a good strongly-typed object to pass into a method, all of the methods take either a string, or an int, or just an xml document which must adhere to a structure. The documentation covers all of this, but it is definitely easier coding to a strongly-typed object than an xml document.  Misspellings can become a real pain.  Also, for queries CAML is used, which while understandable is really again quite archaic
  • Continuing to work with BTS Task and found out a gotcha about the “Overwrite” flag in the AddResource option.  In order for you to overwrite the files you need to have all of the hosts that are referencing them turned off, or at least not have the file loaded into memory just yet.  That killed about 30 minutes as I tried to figure out why it would not let me overwrite a file.
  • Windows Sharepoint Services Adapter for BizTalk.  Remember there are two parts to this guy.  One the adapter runtime which must be installed on the biztalk server itself.  The other is the WebService side.  If you look at the site you install the adapter into there is an application named BTSharePointAdapterWS within it which runs inside of a different app pool than the site this application is in.  The moral of the story is that any SharePoint server you want to send a message to using the adapter must have this web service installed.  I will put up a post on this a bit later describing what to do.

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