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What I learned yesterday 5

  • Free file sharing – I remember back in 2000 when everything was going to be on the internet but the bandwidth just wasn’t there to support using the internet for everything like file storage, pictures, etc.  But now that bandwidth is not a problem, I am really enjoying the free tools and applications available.  Right now I am using to store my files that I cannot easily upload for my blog or to just easily have access to things I use at various client sites, but might not have for one reason or another. 
  • More SharePoint web services fun (or rather confusion) – The FileRef field should not be encoded when you are trying to update/delete a file using the UpdateListItems web method of the List web service.  Thanks to Geoffry Samper for his post here .
  • Repeatable deployments in BizTalk.  – Looks like Brian Loesgen and Paul Petrov have each individually done a certain part of what I was planning to do with a bit of my free time using BTSTask.  Hopefully I can take these ideas and build on them for my own diabolical needs.
  • Pretty cool panoramic of the inside of an Airbus 380 cockpit
  • Rockford Lhotka has an article which I agree with here .  Actually he has many articles I agree with in his Lhotka’s Labyrinth column in Visual Studio Magazine.

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