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Energy Options for the US

The topic of “energy independence” seems to always be tied to political motivations that behind that seem to be tied to isolationism.  Kind of like if we stop having to talk to the people that are causing a headache for us we will not have our headache any longer.  I never really like this bury your head in the sand mentatlity.  I think what our country should focus on are “energy options” instead.  My opinion is that over the next 15 to 20 years having fuel flexibility is what is going to provide security and economic development for the US and for the remainder of the world for that matter.  Oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind, and the myriad of biofuels all have to be options for us.  Different fuels provide the flexibility we need to handle pollution, price fluxuations, etc. 

This article talks about why development of a liquified coal plant to produce jet fuel is a good idea.  He even takes it one further by pointing out how an investment in this could provide for a boost in our trade deficit.  There are many other point here also. 


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What I Learned Yesterday 8

  • In my past use of generics I largely used them to strongly type the parameters of a list class, or a utilitiy class.  Basically one generic type per class.  But I recently ran into a situation where I needed to use multiple generic types in one class.  I have to admit I think the coolest thing that was in the 2.0 verson of C# was the support for generics.  I love it.  here is a link to a hard core use of generics which helped me figure out how to use generics to solve my problem.
  • Don’t short change yourself when it comes to load testing your application.  There are so many things that you cannot simulate within your app in basic unit testing and functional testing.  Certain things only appear when an app is pushed.  I really wish you people out there who think you are “Business People” would shut up and listen to the developers.  You are paying us for our experience, why don’t you listen to it for a change!  Oh, but listening is a business decision, not something we want to leave up to the developers!

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What I Learned Yesterday 7

  • It has been a while since I have had to really go at things using T-SQL.  Lots of my recent experiences have been around CRUD type operations where we would read the data into an object model work on it and then save it back to the database.  But I am working on a project where we are loading a temp table and then inserting/updating records into another table.  To get the identity columns of the newly inserted or newly updated records the OUTPUT keyword in T-SQL is a life saver.   This is only available in SQL Server 2005/2008 though.  This link here is a good overview of what it can do.
  • I spoke of how cool the use of Over is with rownumber, but here is an article where the guy is improving on top.  I have to admit the things that are in SQL 2005 and newer from just a T-SQL standpoint are pretty sweet.  They make writing some of the useless looping logic that permiated all aspects of my “business logic” a much easier task. Shows how long I have been doing XML and Integration that I have not spent any large amounts of time learning these new features (which are not so new at the time I am writing this)
  • Hiding the Results Pane (or should I say pain?) in the SQL 2005 Management Studio is something I have wanted for quite some time.  I have always liked being able to have a full screen for editing my T-SQL script.  I have finally figured out how to make this happen thanks to this guy here.
  • To output a null date to a FlatFile Schema in Biztalk set the format of the date field to yyyyMMdd.  Then use the pad character to zero fill if you need. Beautiful

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