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Energy Options for the US

The topic of “energy independence” seems to always be tied to political motivations that behind that seem to be tied to isolationism.  Kind of like if we stop having to talk to the people that are causing a headache for us we will not have our headache any longer.  I never really like this bury your head in the sand mentatlity.  I think what our country should focus on are “energy options” instead.  My opinion is that over the next 15 to 20 years having fuel flexibility is what is going to provide security and economic development for the US and for the remainder of the world for that matter.  Oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind, and the myriad of biofuels all have to be options for us.  Different fuels provide the flexibility we need to handle pollution, price fluxuations, etc. 

This article talks about why development of a liquified coal plant to produce jet fuel is a good idea.  He even takes it one further by pointing out how an investment in this could provide for a boost in our trade deficit.  There are many other point here also. 


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